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    Drop In / Insert Basins

    Versatile Drop in Basin Sinks for Bathrooms

    Do you need a new drop in basin sink for your bathroom? Melbourne Bathroom Shop offers a selected range of modern basin sinks designed to enhance the appearance and aesthetic value of your bathroom. Regardless of your bathroom’s size and space availability, our drop in basin can be installed easily.

    While working on a bathroom remodelling project, you may find yourself confused about the various types of basins and basin materials. You might not be sure which basin would be the perfect fit for your bathroom. Here the team of Melbourne Bathroom Shop can help. We offer a seamless experience so that our customers can make the right decision and choose bathroom supplies that best meet their requirements and budget.

    Why select a drop-in basin sink?

    A drop-in basin sink is easy to install and the working areas of the basin are completely accessible. When you install such type of basin sink in your bathroom, you will have improved access and visibility while cleaning it. The high-quality coating makes the sink highly durable.

    The smooth and shiny finish of the sink will look incredible and its modern design will blend well with your bathroom’s existing style. We are dedicated to supplying an extended range of drop-in basin sinks that consist of a solid-surface material and are formulated for long-term use.

    Need Inset Vanity Basins?

    Are you thinking of installing inset vanity sinks? Melbourne Bathroom Shop can help. Our experts have carefully selected vanity sinks that help create a minimalistic look in your bathroom. If you have limited space, then our inset vanity basins are the perfect choice for your bathroom. They are trendy and offer an ideal solution for homeowners who want to create a more refined look. The high-grade glossy finish blends easily with almost all types of bathroom interiors.

    Our inset sinks work well with bathrooms where a worktop area is already installed. You can easily fit these sinks into the area and upgrade your space while creating a clean and minimalist look. As the bowl is fully concealed, you will have more washing space.

    Give Your Bathroom a Makeover With Drop in Vanity Basins

    The drop in vanity basins comes in various configurations, colours and materials. It is one of the most common and popular basins popular in Melbourne. The vanity basin is fitted straight into the countertop and can be secured by metal clips.

    Our basins work with various types of countertop materials and effortlessly support the weight of the sink. Besides being easy to install, they are extremely stylish and lesser expensive as compared to other vanity basin options.

    Need expert product suggestions? We will be happy to help.