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    Freestanding Bathtub

    Freestanding Bathtub Melbourne

    Explore a luxurious range of freestanding bathtubs with timeless designs and practical benefits only at the Melbourne Bathroom Shop. We supply freestanding tub with showers for  modern bathtub.  Our highly versatile fixtures are available in various colours and designs. Each bathtub can be distinguished based on its design and flexibility. Bathrooms with enough space can be transformed as these freestanding bathtubs make a stylish bold statement.

    Bathtub designs have evolved over the past few decades. They have the ability to create a focal point in bathrooms apart from being functional and stylish. With so many practical options out there, you can choose an elegant freestanding bathtub in Melbourne of your choice.

    What Makes a Small Freestanding Bathtub Different?

    The freestanding bathtubs are exposed from all sides, they are placed directly on the bathroom’s platform and function just like any other bathtub. They are used to create a cosy and relaxed environment for homeowners. These freestanding bathtub models are now available to cater to all style preferences and budgets. The sign of luxury can have a positive impact on any bathroom décor.

    If you’re planning on adding freestanding bathtubs to your bathroom, look no further than  Melbourne Bathroom Shop. It doesn’t matter whether you have excess or limited space in the bathroom, we have got a wide variety of bathing solutions that will fit nicely into your space. Being highly flexible, you can put the tub anywhere in the bathroom.

    Your freestanding bathtub can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom. It has bold décor features and works great with open-plan bathroom spaces. Made from scratch-resistant material, the freestanding bathtubs are easy to maintain. The acrylic coating looks great and is also easy to clean and repair.

    Need small baths in Melbourne? At Melbourne Bathroom Shop, you can find timelessly-styled freestanding bathtubs. If you already have existing tapware fixtures and shower heads, the freestanding bathtub can be easily placed. Being independent of all walls and other bathroom fixtures, you can choose a bathtub of any shape, size and material of your choice.


    • Slipper tub with arms resting space
    • Unique and eye-catching designs
    • Excellent material and finishing options
    • Takes up less space
    • Multiple placement options within the bathroom
    • Easy to clean with no grout lines present
    • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

    Place your order for a freestanding bathtub in Melbourne today.

    Small Freestanding Bathtub

    If you have limited space availability, you can opt for a small freestanding bathtub. The bathtub is made of lighter acrylic material. It will instantly grab your attention as soon as you walk inside the bathroom.

    As the name suggests, the small freestanding bathtub is not attached to a wall or deck, they can be simply placed at a location. You will get unlimited colour, design and material options only at Melbourne Bathroom Shop.

    Our experts will help you transform your creative ideas and turn them into reality by offering product recommendations.

    Whatever freestanding bathtubs you choose, it’ll be enough to make a style statement. We offer custom bathroom solutions according to the style and budget preferences of our customers.

    What are you waiting for? Call us on 03 8822 3368 and talk to our bathroom specialists. Feel free to discuss your bathroom upgrade requirements.