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    Insert Bath

    Install Modern Inset Bathtubs in Your Bathroom

    Adding insert bathtubs is a great and efficient way to transform your bathroom and make it more appealing and luxurious. Melbourne Bathroom Shop carries an exclusive inset bath range perfectly suited for both small and large-sized bathrooms.

    Our inset baths do not take up much space and can be installed even in compact bathrooms. From marble to wooden surfaces, the inset baths can be installed on such surfaces, providing you with more design possibilities. The inset baths run along the length of the bathroom and come with a step so that you can step in and out of the bath without any hassle.

    Why Should You Install a Bathtub Insert for a Shower?

    If you have a small, compact bathroom, then we highly recommend choosing a bathtub insert for the shower. However, they can be installed in spacious bathrooms as well, the inset bath offers an easy way of upgrading small bathroom spaces. As the bath can be installed against the wall, you will have enough space to walk around.

    The bath is equipped with additional safety features including the platform. The ledge runs around all the sides of the bath. For a more luxurious look, you can select insert bathtubs to enhance the functionality and appearance of your ordinary bathroom.

    Do You Need a Bathtub Insert for Babies?

    Melbourne Bathroom Shop is proud to present modern insert bathtubs that come in various sizes and shapes. The bathtubs are integrated with a tile bead present around the edges. They can be easily integrated into the walls which further helps creates a tight seal. You can install bathtub insert for babies that are safer to use and looks attractive. The surrounding ledge offers the ultimate protection to children and also provides storage space.

    Shop for Bathtub Inserts Online

    We bring our customers a plethora of options to choose from. From freestanding bathtubs to insert bathtubs, we bring a vivid range of bathtubs for classic and modern bathrooms. We offer an affordable and seamless way to upgrade your bathroom space. Our insert bathtubs work well with bathrooms that have a comparatively smaller size floor plan. They can also be installed next to a shower enclosure.

    Want unlimited bathroom design options? Our experts will help you narrow down your choice and choose suitable insert bathtubs.

    Advantages of Inset Baths

    An inset bath offers a cost-effective option to homeowners looking to replace their old bathtubs. They are less expensive as compared to freestanding baths and blend effortlessly with all types of bathrooms. If you do not have enough space in your bathroom for a  bathtubs range, you can install an inset bath.

    We offer bathtubs in an array of sizes and designs so that our customers can build the bathroom of their dreams.

    Discover our  bathtubs range online today.