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    Chrome Shower Mixer

    Get an Outstanding Chrome Bath Shower Mixer for Your Shower

    Good bathroom tapware consists of unique style elements. They are used to create a focal point and bring out the personality of your bathroom. If you are looking for one such perfect chrome shower mixer for your shower, Melbourne Bathroom Shop offers reliable bathroom solutions.

    We have superior tapware ranging from matte black to chrome finish to suit bathrooms regardless of their design and interiors. You can view our exclusive range of chrome bath shower mixers crafted by perfection. They are made from the finest materials and match Australian quality standards.

    Whether you are looking for bathroom tapware for your vanity set or shower area, we have the best spout mixers in Melbourne. Our hybrid style chrome bath shower mixer will have a positive impact in improving your bathroom’s look.


    Melbourne homeowners are always on the lookout for something safe and practical when it comes to enhancing their shower experience. We keep ourselves updated with the trending bathroom styles to curate a list of the latest tapware.

    The chrome bath shower mixer is the right investment for you. Having proper tapware will allow you to have a relaxing bath without worrying about setting the water at the right temperature. Our minimalist chrome shower mixers feature slightly curved edges and an elegant design. The mixers can create both high and low water pressure systems. The chrome finish interiors are easy to clean and maintain.

    Each shower mixer is carefully crafted to provide the best bathroom fittings and installations to our customers.

    • Dual functions
    • Automatic resetting
    • High water flow rate
    • Chrome finish
    • Suitable for various plumbing systems
    Chrome Bath Shower Mixer- The Right Choice for Your Bathroom

    Nowadays people prefer tapware with multiple features. That is why our leading bathroom supplies offer a subtle combination of functionality and designs to the customers online.

    Take your bathroom’s transformation to a whole new level with our quality tapware and bathware products and accessories.

    Instead of installing two taps to get hot and cold water separately, you can install a single chrome bath shower mixer. It offers so much more than its streamlined look. Browse a wide range of mixer tap styles that would be the perfect fit for your contemporary or classic design bathroom.

    Why Us?

    Melbourne Bathroom Shop offers a selection of stunning chrome bath shower mixer taps and kits. Our products are designed while keeping the current styling trends and customer needs in mind. From stylish showerheads to spouts, we have everything you need to create a brand-new shower experience.

    Sourced from reliable vendors, our products are the result of top-quality materials and innovative technology.

    When you shop from us, you’ll only get tested and reliable bathroom products built to last for years to come.

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