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    Freestanding Vanity

    Why Install a Bathroom Freestanding Vanity?

    Need a stylish new addition? Why not install a freestanding bathroom vanity? A vanity offers many practical and useful benefits to homeowners looking to make their bathroom space more stylish.

    Choose a freestanding vanity in your preferred size and design. Once installed, you can get a practical storage solution. While redesigning your bathroom, you can add a vanity along with a basin. Create a fully customised look with the vanity equipped with elegant designs and a contemporary finish.

    Why Install a Bathroom Freestanding Vanity?

    The main objective of installing a freestanding vanity cabinet is to add more storage space to your bathroom. This further eliminates the need of adding a separate basin and storage unit as the cabinets offer a more practical way to store all your grooming products and toiletries in a single place.

    At  Melbourne Bathroom Shop, we are proud to present a wide range of superior quality vanity units. They are designed to cater to your bathroom storage needs. You can declutter your bathroom and store all the essential toiletries in one place and save your time in the morning.

    The freestanding vanities are famous among Melbourne homeowners due to their stylish appearance and sturdy construction. Installing vanity units in bathrooms has become a style statement these days. So, if you’re planning on adding a brand-new vanity unit to your bathroom, then get ready to see some of the best remarkable vanity designs at our store.

    The freestanding vanity unit is compact which makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms with limited space. The built-in shelves can be used for storage purposes.

    What Do We Offer?

    You can browse freestanding vanity cabinets available in a variety of dimensions, shapes and colours. We recommend our customers choose a cabinet model depending on their storage needs and the size of their bathrooms. Pick a design and material of your choice and install a modern-looking piece of furniture in your bathroom.

    Classic or Modern- You’ll be impressed with our selection of freestanding vanities.

    Benefits of Installing a Freestanding Vanity Cabinet

    The freestanding vanity cabinet offers you the opportunity to renovate your bathroom without expensive renovations. For a subtle look, you can opt for our grey vanity units whereas, for a contemporary look, you can choose our gloss finish vanities.

    Keep your bathroom neat and organised by storing your toiletries and towels in the vanity cabinet itself.

    We have an amazing collection of freestanding vanities designed to suit your bathroom interiors and storage needs. You can also check out our double vanity units if you have sufficient bathroom space.

    Can’t find what you are looking for? No problem. Connect with us via phone  call on 03 8822 3368.

    Find a versatile vanity unit freestanding for your bathroom.


    • Elegant exteriors to suit all bathroom styles
    • Practical and compact storage solution for your bathroom
    • Consists of solid and sturdy shelves and drawers
    • Modern wall-mounted design with ample counter space
    • Moisture and temperature resistant materials for long-lasting results
    • Hard-wearing surface and countertop

    You can explore hundreds of freestanding vanity units at Melbourne Bathroom Shop.

    We bring impressive bathroom vanity products with clean lines and concealed storage drawers. Whether you need a wall-mounted vanity or a freestanding vanity, we have got you covered.

    Have a specific vanity design in mind?

    Discuss your ideas with our experts and we will make it happen.