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Considering bathroom remodelling? Then how about replacing your faded, old tiles with acrylic shower wall panels? The prefabricated acrylic wall panels can be installed in less than 24 hours. For quick bathroom makeover solutions, you can rely on the products and services of Melbourne Bathroom Shop. We offer affordable bathroom products and accessories to help our customers upgrade their bathing space.
Read MoreThe acrylic shower walls come in different colours, shapes and designs; they can help you give the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. The acrylic panels are light in weight as compared to tiles and offer compatible solutions to your bathroom’s flooring structural problems. If you are starting to notice the signs of wear and tear of your bathroom tiles, it’s the right time to replace them with acrylic shower walls. They protect the walls against water damage, they are also available in many unique and eye-catching designs.

Choose Acrylic Shower Walls in Australia

The acrylic shower walls are directly glued to the surface. They can be customised allowing you to pick a design of your choice. The shower walls offer a quick fix to problems of shower or tub leaking. There are many benefits of installing acrylic shower walls in Australia. One such benefit is the low maintenance- you can keep the acrylic walls panels clean by using soap and water. They offer a reliable and long-term waterproofing solution for bathrooms. If there are chances of water damage in your bathroom space, it is best to install acrylic shower walls. Another benefit of choosing acrylic wall panels is that they offer a modern and sophisticated look. The wall panels will never go out of style. You can find the panels in decorative stone or tile finish. Follow the latest bathroom styling trends with our innovative bathroom supplies. Want to get rid of the dull ceramic tiles? Replace them with our acrylic shower panels today. We will be happy to assist you. Call us today to share your bathroom renovation needs and requirements. We have a team of experts who utilise their skills and industry knowledge to offer customised and durable bathroom products at competitive prices. Our company is backed with many years of experience, we have worked on hundreds of bathroom renovation projects, which allows us to understand the needs of our customers and offer solutions to cater to their specific requests.

Customised Acrylic Shower Walls

The acrylic wall system is customised to fit your existing bathroom design. They are perfect for bathroom makeovers and offers hassle-free and quick installations and replacements. Our low maintenance acrylic shower walls can withstand hot and humid temperatures. The best thing about the wall panels is that they won’t chip or fade with time. Choosing glossy acrylic wall systems is an efficient way of improving the functionality of your bathroom. Ready with your bathroom renovation plan? Contact our staff and receive a FREE quote in your inbox. We offer detailed and accurate price quotes instantly.
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