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    Countertop Vanity Bathroom Basins

    If you need contemporary countertop vanity basins for your bathroom, choose Melbourne Bathroom Shop. Our elegant-looking vanity basins come in different sizes and shapes so that you can choose the one that best fits your existing bathroom design. They are highly stylish and spacious; you can customise the look of your bathing space any way you want. Brighten up your bathroom with our modern countertop basins of Australia.

    The countertop vanity basins are a popular choice for traditional and contemporary bathrooms. The reason why homeowners in Melbourne prefer minimalist countertop basins is that they can be styled beautifully to suit a variety of bathroom architecture.

    At Melbourne Bathroom Shop, you can browse a wide range of cost-effective countertop basins across Australia, that are suitable for all types of homes and bathrooms. Our job is to ensure that you find the perfect fixture and accessories for your bathroom. If you need assistance in finding the right product, our bathroom specialists can help. From wall-mounted basins to countertop vanity basins, we have durable, long-lasting and contemporary style basins for our customers in Melbourne.

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    Why Install Countertop Bathroom Sinks?

    The countertop bathroom basins typically sit on a levelled surface that is usually a single vanity or cabinet unit. They are available in different shapes including oval, circular and rectangular. Oval basins are ideal for small bathroom spaces. While circular basins are comparatively deeper and offer an impactful visual impact. Rectangular basins are commonly found in large bathroom spaces. The smooth edges and attractive geometric designs can help you create the desired look for your bathroom.

    Why Install Countertop Bathroom Basins?

    The countertop vanity basins are mounted directly on the vanity unit. They are among the latest bathroom trends in commercial and residential spaces. With so many amazing designs, a countertop basin is not only versatile but fits well with a modern and contemporary bathroom.

    Our countertop bathroom sinks are spacious and help prevent unnecessary water splashing. They can be fitted with all types of taps and offer a practical choice to homeowners. The high aesthetic appeal and quality countertop material will improve your bathroom’s appearance as soon as the countertop vanity basins are installed.


    • Quick and easy to install
    • Variety of designs and patterns
    • The high face value and multiple styling options
    • Creates a dedicated focal point in the bathroom

    Upgrade Your Bathroom With Exquisite Countertop Vanity Basins

    A bathroom is a space where you spend your time getting ready. Imagine a high-quality vanity sink fitting into the countertop of your bathroom. This stylistic solution will be the first thing your guests will notice when they enter your bathroom. Countertop bathroom basins create an excellent focal point and set a definitive tone for your bathroom. All the vanity basins consist of a solid surface and non-porous surface that can withstand moisture or humidity.

    We offer product recommendations for countertop vanity basins to our customers so that they can shop for luxurious and durable products. No matter your product needs, we are sure our experts will find the perfect fixture for your bathroom. Every product is carefully inspected before it is shipped to the customers. We have years of experience in serving customers across Melbourne.

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