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    Brushed Gold Shower Mixer

    Gold Shower Mixer Taps

    Shop now for a customised range of gold shower mixers from Melbourne Bathroom Shop to give your bathroom a quick upgrade. Our collection of high-quality shower mixers and bath mixers not only look elegant but also enhances the visual appeal of your bathroom space, whether it is small or large.

    If you want to have a luxurious bathing experience, explore our gold bath mixer range. With a high-end finish and advanced features, our mixers offer complete control over water flow and water temperature. The gold mixer effectively blends hot and cold water, making it easier for you to draw the perfect water every time you take a shower.

    Shop for Elegant Gold Shower Mixer Taps

    Our gold shower mixer taps are available with and without a thermostat. The reason why most of our Melbourne clients prefer to buy and install a mixer tap instead of an ordinary tap is that it offers one of the simplest ways of showering. The mixer tap consists of a valve that is further used for filling up the bathtub and taking a shower. With enhanced control, you avoid excess water wastage and the risk of scalding.

    Are You Looking for a High-quality Gold Bath Mixer?

    Gold bath mixers have their own charm and elegance. They possess a unique quality that not many bathroom accessories can offer. As a homeowner, you want what’s best for your home especially when it comes to your bathroom. Dedicated bathroom space is the result of high-end bathroom supplies and accessories such as gold shower mixer taps.

    Choose Melbourne Bathroom Shop’s range of luxurious bath mixers in gold finishing. This product is in high demand among Melbourne homeowners, architects, and interior designers. Our team of bathroom specialists stay up to date with the latest bathroom trends, which is why we have managed to curate a selection of gold shower mixer taps and bath mixers for our clients.

    The gold mixer taps offer a mix of contemporary style and classy aesthetics. Whatever your existing bathroom décor is, our range of mixer taps effortlessly blends with almost all types of bathroom styles. For maintaining the shine and natural lustre of the taps, we recommend using a soft, clean cloth and polishing solution.

    What Are the Benefits of Installing Gold Mixer Taps in Your Bathroom?

    When it comes to upgrading bathrooms, people often overlook the importance of installing new taps in their homes. Adding a new gold bath mixer is as important as adding a new vanity or bathtub, or shower screen. It helps complete the look of your bathroom and creates a style statement.

    At Melbourne Bathroom Shop, we bring some of the finest range of mixers with luxurious designs. They are suitable for both low and high-water pressure systems and ensure a steady flow of water. All our bathroom products are made from tested materials and adhere to the highest quality standards.

    So, the next time you need an innovative bathroom upgrade solution, you know you can count on us.