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    Shower Bases

    Bathroom Shower Base Melbourne

    Bathroom shower bases are installed under the shower areas to protect the floors against moisture. The shower bases are available in different sizes ranging from 30 to 60 inches. The role of bathroom shower bases is to create a low step-over threshold and prevent water from going on the bathroom floors.

    Homeowners who are planning to change the appearance of their bathroom space can shop for quality shower bases at Melbourne Bathroom. We carry a wide range of stylish shower bases for sale in different colours, shapes and designs. If you’re looking for a custom-designed shower space for your newly renovated bathroom, look no further. We are here to offer you the best products to complement your bathroom space.

    The type of shower bases in Australia,we supply are perfect for directing and retaining the water in the drain. It consists of a drain hole and leads the water directly in its direction. It features a slightly sloped floor to speed up the process of draining water in the shower area.

    Why Choose a Marble Shower Base?

    At Melbourne Bathroom Shop, we supply hard-wearing marble shower bases, ideal for moist and wet surfaces. With no grout or joins, the shower base is extremely easy to clean. The shower bases are easy to install and significantly reduce any flex when you step into the shower. They can be paired with your existing shower walls and accessories.


    • Offers point drainage
    • Made from advanced drainage technology
    • Creates a firm water barrier
    • Eliminates water from shower space
    • Quick installation

    Not sure about shower bases? We are always happy to help. All you have to do is give us a call on 03 8822 3368 and share your bathroom renovation requirements. We will then assist you in choosing quality bathroom products and accessories for your modern space.

    The bathroom shower bases are placed inside the shower. They can also be installed on the subfloor area without any sloped tiles. Although they are available in different types of materials such as plastic, composite and ceramic, you can choose the shower base material according to the type of durable finish you want in your bathroom.

    Polymarble Shower Bases

    The polymarble shower bases are one of the best alternatives for shower areas. With numerous options for shower bases, our experts can help you choose the most suited shower bases for your bathrooms.

    We highly recommend our customers choose polymarble shower bases as they are more durable and lightweight. You can choose a base depending on the ideal size and colour combination you want.

    Benefits of Installing Polymarble Shower Bases:

    Polymarble shower bases are budget-friendly options for homeowners. They can be easily installed just by levelling the base and then installing the shower walls around them. Once you install our shower base, you do not have to worry about grout lines ever. This will eliminate any problems and issues related to waterproofing.

    Even if your bathroom has limited space, you can install this shower base and upgrade your space without any expensive or major renovation work.

    What Are You Waiting for?

    Install the best shower bases in your bathroom today.

    You can find exceptional shower bases manufactured according to the Australian Quality standards only at Melbourne Bathroom Shop.