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When you replace your old, worn-off bathroom fixtures, taps and bath spout, you are making a significant difference to the overall design and appearance of your bathroom. We at Melbourne Bathroom Shop specialise in supplying sturdy, modern and reliable bathroom products at competitive prices.  

We believe that high-quality bathroom accessories can improve the efficiency of your bathroom space and minimise water usage. When you have new supplies including bath spout and mixer taps, you can reduce your water bill and have better control over water flow.  

If you need a tap that effectively draws hot and cold water and mixes it, then we highly recommend choosing our bath spout and mixers. Our super stylish and elegant mixers and spouts create a streamlined look. 

Discover our range of mixer taps with contemporary lines. 

Why install a new bath filler mixer tap? 

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom, start with small fixtures and accessories like mixer taps and bath spouts. These fixtures can instantly upgrade the aesthetics of your bathroom space and give it a fresh look. The bath spout with a diverter can be installed easily and offers an affordable way of replacing old bathroom parts. 

Our bath spout and mixer range is convenient to use and can be installed regardless of the bathtub and basin you have. The mixers come in high-quality chrome finishing that complements the overall design of your bathroom.  

If you need a bath spout with a diverter or planning to install a new bath spout swivel, we can help. Our spouts are designed in such a way that they allow the water to flow upwards. This ensures precise water pressure while you are taking a shower. The spout comes with a button that further creates water diversion right from the bath to the shower area. 

What are the benefits of installing a bath spout swivel? 

Your bathroom renovation is incomplete without taps and spouts. Also, running hot and cold water simultaneously can be time-consuming. You may not get a precise water flow at the desired temperature level. That’s why we at Melbourne Bathroom Shop bring modern bathroom products made from premium materials.  

We specialise in supplying versatile and stylish taps that work on sinks and basins of all types. The mixer taps are highly versatile in terms of their functioning. They mix hot and cold water and offers better control over water pressure. 

Our bath spout and mixers also offer improved control over the water while you are taking a bath or shower. The added convenience and ease of use make our selection of bathroom supplies a must-have. The bath shower mixers are also easy to operate and look amazing in any bathroom. 

Not sure which bath filler mixer tap works best for your space? We can help

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