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    Stainless Steel Floor Grates

    Looking for a metal floor grate ? The role of the floor grate is to eliminate standing water and keep the bathroom area clean and free of water. They can be easily installed in wet areas and comes in a variety of sizes and designs. You can select floor grates for bathrooms that best suit your bathroom applications.

    At Melbourne Bathroom Shop, we understand that choosing the right floor grate is a big decision. You need to know about the different types of grates and materials available in the market. Melbourne Bathroom Shop offers bathroom floor grates across Australia along with dedicated services to help customers restore the look of their bathrooms by installing high-quality products and accessories. Floor grates are the best alternative to raised platforms as they are comparatively lightweight and need low maintenance.

    Our floor grates made of stainless steel are strong, durable and resilient to corrosion. They come with high load-bearing capacities with smooth or serrated surfaces. You can pick a floor grate for your bathroom based on its varying size and pitch. Our floor grates have high tensile strength and are also ideal for high-temperature applications.

    Features of Floor Waste Grate:
    • Great for drainage and filtration
    • Highly resistant to rust and stains
    • Designed to function even in the harshest conditions
    • Ideal for slip resistance applications
    • Heavy bearing load capacity

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    Melbourne Bathroom Shop is the home to many advanced equipment and products. We offer quick delivery and customised solutions for your living space. We deliver shower grates all across Melbourne. If you need assistance in finding the perfect products according to your needs, our team can help.

    The floor grates manufactured from stainless steel can be used in commercial grade and industrial environments. Made from durable materials, they are designed for long-term use. The steel grates offered by Melbourne Bathroom Shop are great and highly compatible. Our staff understands the importance of installing quality bathroom products.

    Our floor waste grate is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. This offers an effective drainage support system and is available in an array of customised designs.

    Why Choose Our Steel Floor Grates for Your Bathroom?

    Steel is among the most common materials used for manufacturing various components. Grates made of steel are resistant to wear and damage. You can never go wrong when you choose from our wide range of trusted bathroom products.

    The floor waste grate comes in different looks and patterns which means you can select a product that blends with the overall aesthetics of your bathing space. We ensure our shower grates will seamlessly blend onto your bathroom floor. It allows the water to drain quickly and prevents the build-up of grime and mould.

    The floor grates for bathrooms are sleek and feature a minimalist design. With our innovative bathroom fitting solutions, you can create a highly functional bathing area without compromising on the design and quality. All our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials.

    Need more information on our stainless-steel floor grates? We will be happy to provide professional assistance.