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    Sliding Door Shower Screen

    Bathroom Sliding Door Shower Screens

    The sliding shower screensoffer an excellent space-saving solution where bathroom space is limited. They are pretty much low maintenance and have a unique aesthetic appeal that only a few bathroom products can provide. Besides improving the appearance of the bathroom space, the sliding shower door also keeps the floor safe and dry.

    Melbourne Bathroom Shop has made the process of choosing the right type of shower screen easier. We believe firmly believe that it is important that your selected bathroom supplies whether it’s a basin or a shower glass sliding door  match your existing bathroom décor, style and budget. Our range of sliding door shower screens are unique in terms of their design, functionality and aesthetics. They can give your bathing space a quick makeover without costing too much.

    Why Choose Us?

    A shower sliding door offers many benefits; not only is it easy to clean, but it is also available in a variety of designs. A good sliding door makes it easy to go in and out of the shower. Melbourne Bathroom Shop can help you find the perfect bathroom products at prices that fit your budget. We offer an extensive range of options online. We can help you find a bathroom sliding doorto complement your space.

    We have the resources and technology to help our customers find the right product every time. We ensure to deliver the products on time and offer exceptional customer support services.

    Want more information on our products? Not a problem. Talk to our team and get suggestions and bathroom renovation solutions.

    Why Install a Shower Sliding Door?

    A sliding door can be installed in any space big or small. It offers the perfect fitting and smoothly slides. The beautifully crafted sliding doors look great and offer a touch of sophistication to your space. You can choose shower doors with or without handles.

    While searching for quality sliding bath screens  or doors, you can count on us. We are committed to impressing our customers with our premium range of bathroom supplies including screensbathtubsspouts, mixers and much more.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our sliding door shower screens are readily available in all standard sizes. The hard-wearing aluminium hardware and chromed finishing make them the perfect blend of durability and style.

    Also, there is a great scope of customisation when you choose to install one of our sliding shower screens. You can easily customise the shower screens and give a quick upgrade to your bathroom area.

    The best thing about our bathroom sliding doors is their superior strength and durability. Made from strong, tempered glass, the sliding doors are stronger and can withstand the moist and humid environment, making them an ideal choice for your bathroom.

    We offer a warranty on our product range to ensure our customer’s peace of mind. We offer a one-stop solution where you can shop for an exciting range of bathroom hardware for their bathing spaces.

    Benefits of Our Bathroom Sliding Doors

    They are perfect for narrow bathrooms as they don’t open out and simply slide. For seamless aesthetics, you can go with our sliding doors. The sliding door shower screens can help you create a custom look. You can choose a specific screen size or configuration. Our specialists will assess the layout and décor of your space to recommend suitable bathroom sliding doors and screens. 


    • Durable and sturdy framed construction
    • Consists of stainless-steel bearing rollers
    • Rust-free steel screws
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Increased water retention
    • Hard-wearing

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