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    Bi-Fold Shower Screen

    Folding Bath Shower Screens

    A good shower screen unlike shower curtains is easy to clean and prevents the formation of mould and mildew in your bathroom. At Melbourne Bathroom Shop, explore our extraordinary range of bath shower screens folding.

    They are unique in terms of their design, structure and functionality especially bi fold screens. Such screens bring a level of sophistication to the space. The two-glass panel shower screen prevents water leaks and changes the look of your bathroom as soon as they are installed. These space-saving screens will make your bathroom space look larger.

    People who want to add a shower screen in their bathroom but have limited space can go with our folding screen options like bi fold screens.

    The folding shower screen offers a space-saving alternative and brings a hint of classiness and refinement. The screens are created for the smart use of space in bathrooms. With simple and clean lines, the shower screens prevent water from leaking. They are available in 2, 3 or 4 folding doors.

    The bi fold screens are designed by the world’s top designers. We rely on our experience to offer outstanding results in the form of bathroom products that meet your budget.

    We have a vast range of bath shower screens in folding, our bathroom specialists can assist you in choosing the right supplies that will fit your bathroom space. The screens are made from a variety of materials, they are ideal for several aesthetics and functional applications. For a great bathing experience, choose from our  customised bath screens.

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    Bi Fold Shower Screen

    Ready to upgrade your bathroom space? We have got all the essential bathroom supplies and fixtures to renovate your existing bathing space.

    The bi-fold shower screen features a modern design that can transform your bathroom into a comfortable and inviting space. Made from toughened glass and a chrome frame, the folding shower screen will be the perfect addition to your bathing area.

    The bi-fold screens provide easy access to the shower area. It is a stylish alternative to shower curtains and hinged doors. Pick a shower screen based on its size and design options. The polished aluminium frame is rust-resistant; it can be installed on any side using flexible hinges.

    Bi Fold Shower Door

    Do you need a new shower door but don’t have enough space? Having a bi-fold shower door will prevent water splashes on the floor and prevent water from leaking to the other side of the bathroom. Our shower screens come in different types of coated and durable frames. They consist of a glossy finish that has high resilience to scratches and stains.


    • Space-saving option
    • Toughened safety glass
    • Easy to clean
    • Durable glass coating
    • Concealed fixings and smooth sliding

    Melbourne Bathroom is the leading supplier of bathroom products. Our bi fold screens are sourced from trusted manufacturers all over the world. Keep your bathroom splash-free with our top-rated and customised products.

    For a creative yet practical space utilisation of your bathroom space, choose our bi fold screens.

    Need a quote?  Contact our specialists and we will prepare a personalised quote for you.