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    Shower Tile Trays

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    Tiled Shower Bases

    Are you looking for a tiled shower tray? Regardless of the shower tray you choose, they are one of the most practical and convenient bathroom products. Even if you have limited bathroom space, the tray can be easily installed without occupying much space. With a minimalist style, they enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom and create an even surface thus making the bathroom more functional.

    The tiled shower bases create a solid foundation for your shower area. The shower bases do not require any rigorous maintenance work or cleaning, they are manufactured to last for years to come.

    You can choose the best shower base and tiled tray for your bathroom at Melbourne Bathroom Shop. We bring a range of durable, rigid and sturdy tiled shower bases in different sizes, shapes and materials. The bases are available in various colours and designs to suit the existing décor of your living space.

    You can pick a shower base according to the look you want to achieve. All our tile tray shower bases are designed and developed in Australia. They offer a streamlined look and comply with the AS 3740-2010 and AS 3588-1996 standards.

    If you want a shower base of a specific dimension, we can help you get a  custom-made shower base.  The base can be resized according to your requirements.

    Call us today if you want to place an order or need assistance with product customisation.

    Through tiled shower bases, we aim to offer trusted and compatible solutions for installing leak-free tile showers in Melbourne homes. From ceramic to mosaic tiles, we carry a wide range of tiled bases that can be easily installed in your current shower system.

    The tiled shower tray does not bend under high pressure or load. It is extremely versatile in terms of its functions. Feel free to explore endless shower base options in different colours and sizes. If you need a specific design or idea in mind, do let us know.

    Bathroom Shower Tile Tray

    A shower tile tray creates an even surface while occupying a lesser amount of space in the shower area. It makes sure that all the water is completely drained off and provides an easy-to-access walking area. This significantly reduces the chances of tripping or falling in the shower. Also, tiled shower trays offer ease of maintenance.

    Our bathroom shower trays are designed for easy maintenance with lesser fewer edges and slots. We offer affordable solutions to customers that will meet their specific needs no matter what.

    Need help with choosing the right shower tray? Give us a call on 03 8822 3368 and discuss your renovation details with our experts. With years of experience in the industry, we have gained the knowledge and skills to offer customised services to our customers. With over thousands of bathroom products, we can now proudly say that we are Melbourne’s leading importers of bathroom accessories and fixtures.

    Need a Custom Shower Tile Tray?

    The shower tile tray is available in a wide variety of materials and finishes.
    Our team is dedicated to helping customers create a timeless and practical space where they rejuvenate and unwind. Whether you need an acrylic shower base or a  polymarble base, you can count on us to get the best-tiled shower bases for your space.

    Our experienced professionals will help you explore and compare efficient bathroom solutions.

    Get in touch with us and receive a free quote today.