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    If you have a traditional style bathroom, you can give it a quick upgrade or if you have a contemporary style bathroom, you can make it even better by opting for a good shower rail set.

    Style and functionality are the two most important considerations when it comes to choosing shower products at Melbourne Bathroom Shop. We have the trendiest bathroom accessories and fixtures so that you can make most of your bathing space.

    Homeowners who want to switch to a modern shower rail and head can make significant changes to their bathrooms with some simple yet noticeable installations. Also, the shower rail set comes with a height–adjustable feature. You can install the set without any special tools or equipment.

    Get the latest fittings and accessories and give a modern twist to your otherwise dull and monotonous looking bathroom.

    Do You Need a Shower Rail and Head? We Can Help.

    It’s time to make your shower experience more fun and exciting with our highly compatible shower rail set. The set is easy to install and comes along with standardised fitting accessories.

    The shower head offers a strong and consistent flow of water that will make it easier for you to take a quick shower. The shower heads are highly durable and can be cleaned with a solution of water and vinegar. The shower rails on the other hand improve the safety levels of the bathroom. The rail improves mobility and provides a stable environment for the person taking a shower.

    With our luxurious shower rail and head fixtures, you can get a calming and relaxing bathing experience. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. You can either choose a matte black or chrome tapware and shower ware depending on the look of your bathroom.

    Shower Rain Head Combo

    Don’t have enough water pressure in your current shower head? Then it’s probably time to replace it with our advanced shower rain head combo. You can find many shower heads that come in various spray patterns.

    The shower rain heads can be installed if you are hoping to achieve a minimalist bathroom look. It can be installed using a concealed valve which takes up less space.

    Installing a shower rain head combo will help you create a spa-like experience right in your bathroom. The rain shower heads are comparatively larger in diameter. It allows the water to come out consistently in a stream just like rain. It offers a wider coverage and targeted flow, besides this, the rain head will also complement your bathing way in the best way possible.

    • Provides even and consistent water coverage
    • Adjustable shower height
    • Easy to maintain rubber nozzles
    • Durable chrome-plated surface
    • Maintains balanced water flow
    • Resistant to corrosion

    Ready to install a new shower rail and head in your bathroom?

    Talk to our bathroom fitting specialists and shortlist the top products you need to give your bathroom the best upgrade.