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    Freestanding Taps

    Choose Modern Freestanding Taps for the Bath

    All freestanding bathtubs are incomplete without freestanding taps. If you have recently installed a new bathtub in your bathroom or need to replace your old taps or faucets, you can explore a range of bathroom fixtures at Melbourne Bathroom Shop. You’ll be excited to know that we carry a wide variety of modern freestanding taps for bath made from premium quality materials.

    Our freestanding taps can easily stand on the floor or you can also place them near your bathtub. As the taps can be positioned anywhere you want, this makes them highly flexible as well as convenient to use. You can even use a freestanding faucet for bathtub to create a focal point in your bathroom as they come in a stunning finish and blends well with modern and contemporary bathroom interiors.

    What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Freestanding Tap?

    Planning to upgrade your bathroom? Small fixtures like taps and faucets are often overlooked when it comes to replacing old bathroom supplies. At Melbourne Bathroom Shop, we believe that to change the appearance of your bathroom and really make a difference to its overall appeal, you need to start from the basics.

    We supply freestanding taps for the bath that will instantly add a touch of refinement to your space. They come in various designs and finishes, allowing you to make a bold style statement in your bathroom.

    Do You Need a Freestanding Faucet for Your Bathtub?

    Freestanding faucets and taps are specifically designed to enhance the look of bathrooms regardless of their size and interiors. They can be used to fill up a bathtub and allows the user to draw a nice bath. Another benefit of choosing freestanding taps for the bath is that they remain exposed. No specialised installation or access panels are needed to install them.


    • Sturdy ceramic disc
    • Comes with a hose and handset
    • Elegant chrome plated finish
    • Easy to pair with a modern freestanding bath
    • Manufactured from top-quality materials
    • Easy to clean and maintain nozzles

    Our freestanding taps for baths look super stylish while serving their purpose. You can draw a relaxing bath for yourself without any hassle. We ensure you all our tap fixtures are reliable in terms of performance and retain their shine for many years to come. The superior chrome plated finish makes sure the taps are ideal for everyday use. For easy and quick installation, the taps come with a mounting plate.

    Upgrade Your Bathing Experience With a Freestanding Tap

    Melbourne Bathroom Shop offers freestanding bathtub taps and faucets using which you can enhance your bath experience. The taps are available in an amazing finish, they effortlessly blend with your bathroom interiors and improve the functionality of your bath area.

    The freestanding taps for the bath provide extreme durability along with smooth water flow control. You can set the temperature and pressure range according to your requirements. For maximum water flow, you can make use of the nozzles and get a precise outcome.

    If you need help selecting the perfect tap for your bathroom, you speak to our experts.